We are a Berlin based tech company that is redefining content distribution.

We are developing a marketplace that allows content creators and publishers to effortlessly create, distribute, acquire and remunerate content.

crumbl was founded by Felix Puller, Tobias Weinmann and wallstreet-online.de, one of Germany’s largest financial news outlets. With our 20 plus years of experience in the publishing sector we know how important content generation is in order for publishers to sustain their growth.

It then also came to our realization how essential content distribution is for content creators. We therefore founded crumbl to improve the business of both parties – a win-win situation.


We were
founded in 2018.


We are a team of 15 people
based in Germany, Switzerland and China.

Up to 10 Mio.

Our connected news
outlets reach up to 10 million
unique visitors per month!

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crumbl AG
Seydelstr. 18
10117 Berlin